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SECURITY ALERT: Windows 7 Support Expires JAN. 14

When the tech support expires, so do the security updates. It’s time to make some #WiseChoices about your Windows operating system.

Microsoft has announced starting Jan. 14, it will discontinue support for Windows 7. The company’s phasing out Windows 7 in preparation for consumers and businesses upgrading to the Windows 10 operating system. The tech giant’s official announcement disclosed that after that date, there will be no more tech support or software updates for Windows 7 users.

“What this means for users is that Windows 7 operating systems will no longer be secure because no new security updates will be available,” said Lee Cooper, owner of Cooper Systems, your exclusive #WiseChoice for computer sales, repair and support. “Even with Norton Security on the computer, customers will not necessarily be secure because they will not have the new security updates. This opens the door for viruses, hackers and other malware.”

Frustrated consumers may ask why the hassle, especially if Windows 7 has worked well for them. Bogdan Botezatu, director of threat research and reporting for Bitdefender, told Consumer Reports that operating systems typically don’t last longer than 10 years and require either regular maintenance or upgrades. “It’s difficult to maintain code from several years ago while at the same time trying to maintain code for the latest operating system,” Botezatu told CR. “Companies will do everything in their power to try to migrate customers to the new version.”

Microsoft said the best way to guarantee a reliable Windows 10 upgrade is to buy a new computer with it already installed. Cooper said in most cases, that’s an unnecessary cost. “We can upgrade most desktop and laptop computers running Windows 7 to Windows 10,” he insisted. “We can move their data (documents, pics, music, videos, etc.) and reinstall their programs on the Windows 10 systems. 

“We’re also offering solid state hard drives at reduced prices with this upgrade. By utilizing the power and speed of a solid state hard drive, the computer will run 10 to 20 times faster in most cases.”

The last time Windows users experienced an operating system change was April 8, 2014. That’s when Microsoft terminated support for Windows XP. “Most people waited until the last minute (to upgrade),” Cooper said. “This affected a lot of people and created a logjam of consumers desperate to make the change, and it could have been avoided if they acted sooner. Right now, we are offering some very good discount packages for the upgrade that will save our customers a lot of money and time.”

In addition to the operating system upgrade, Cooper Systems will offer new and refurbished computers with Windows 10. “If a customer gets an upgrade or purchases a computer before Thanksgiving, we will throw in our peak-and-tune optimization service for free,” Cooper promised.

Check Cooper Systems’s credentials HERE, then call its team at 901-360-9679.

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