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So Many Choices, So Little Trust

Trust me. I know. For 20 of my 26 years as a TV reporter, I was a full-time consumer investigator in the Mid-South. I’ve investigated thousands of rip-offs, scams, businesses gone bad. Some of the schemes I continue to uncover just leave you shaking your head, wondering who you can trust.

Trust me. I’ve done the work for you.

I’ve designed Wise Choices as your one-stop shop for choosing service companies and local businesses you can trust. I have personally vetted each business that’s earned my Wise Choices endorsement for its service history, licensure (state/county/city business license & industry license, where applicable), years of Mid-South service and consumer agency grades. All you have to do is hire them! I stand behind each one. If you have trouble with one, come back here and let me know. I’ll make sure my Wise Choice makes it right.

You’ll also find my blogs where I’ll reveal the latest scam warnings and share my advice on the consumer issues that matter most to you. Got a question about an issue or a recommendation on a business you think should be vetted as a Wise Choice? Hit me up on the email address in my contact page or on one of my Wise Choices social media platforms.

Looking for a Wise Choice? Trust ME…and my Wise Choices.

Andy Wise

Wise Choices, Consumer Advocacy & Service Endorsements