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‘House calls’ for computers

Cooper Systems, your #WiseChoice for computer sales and repairs, can come to your home or business for your computer needs. Read further for its on-location services.

Reputation. Integrity. Accreditation. Fair pricing.

They are the DNA of Cooper Systems and its principals, Lee and Lauren Cooper — the very core of their commitment to excellence that’s kept them in business for more than a quarter-century and earned them my seal of approval as your only #WiseChoice for computer sales and repair services.

Those services include on-site delivery and repairs by certified technicians at customers’ homes and businesses, including free telephone technical support for active customers.

“We frequently go out to our clients’ households to set up new equipment and provide education on how to use the equipment as well as troubleshooting and diagnostics at a customer’s house,” said Cooper Systems Technician Greg Macintyre. “This is especially convenient to clientele who are elderly or can’t move around as well, so having this ability makes a lot of our clients’ lives easier.”

Lee Cooper said his technicians can make a house or business call to establish Internet connections, wireless laptop connections — even modify their security settings. “A lot of our clients, both commercial and residential, utilize our on-site services for simple break-fix solutions,” Cooper said. “Some of these would include printer set-up and installation, workstation initialization and set-up, simple virus removal and setting up a new network. If an issue cannot be resolved on-site, our technician will advise the client to check the machine into our shop where it can be easily addressed.”

Cooper Systems’ staff can also train its business clients’ IT staffs on network installations or upgrades. “This saves you money as service calls are reduced,” said Lauren Cooper. “We understand the importance of keeping your network running at its best at an affordable price. Continuing network support agreements are also offered to ensure that your network stays updated to meet your future business needs.”

For more on Cooper Systems’ services, click on its website’s home and business network services page and its computer repair page.

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