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AdVentures with Wise Choices

27 Mid-South service and sales businesses dedicated to consumer protection and customer service in nearly two years, and I couldn’t have done it without Amy Sullivan and AdVentures Media Solutions.

I’ve always preferred working with or for a woman. In my experience, they have more versatile attributes for organization and empathy, and they’re often quicker to smell a rat more interested in self-promotion than consumer protection. Three of my news directors and one of my general managers when I was a news reporter were women; each is among my top five bosses in a 26-year TV news career.

My wife Chace and I have been married for 27 years, and I would be nothing without our love and partnership. She’s the rock that not only roots our family’s foundation but also knocks me upside the head when I need accountability. As a teacher, she has the gift of knowing just when to lift a child up or when to strip that whipper-snapper down. Balance.

Amy Sullivan is that balance for Wise Choices.

I could have gone with any advertising agency to launch Wise Choices. I chose Amy Sullivan and her AdVentures Media Solutions because Amy is the consummate, balanced ‘character recruiter.’ She will not tolerate a client that can’t maintain a Wise Choices level of character and integrity. There have been several times when I’ve reached out to a sales or service company for consideration, only to hang up or stop typing when Amy says, “Andy, that company’s not a Wise Choice.” She gets it.

Thanks to Amy’s balance and guidance, we have established partnerships with 27 Mid-South companies to endorse them as Wise Choices and promote those endorsements on TV, radio and social media. Some of those partners are businesses and individuals with whom I’ve had a 22-year professional or personal relationship. They’ve stood with me on television or behind the scenes to champion Mid-South consumers who have suffered at the hands of scam artists. Many of those businesses donated their time and materials to right those wrongs. But some of our other Wise Choices have been Amy’s recruits. They may not have even been on my radar, but because Amy understood the “Andy Wise brand” of consumer protection and customer service, she found them, recruited them — and now they represent the best of their industry categories on I stand behind each and every one of them.

Amy’s AdVentures staff provides budget, promotion and social media support for each of my Wise Choices. Her staff? All women — each dedicated to the pursuit, discovery and promotion of Mid-South companies who provide the most trustworthy, honest and professional customer service.

Amy and I promise to uplift and serve our Wise Choices and, in turn, serve you. We’ve done the work for you in finding the services you can trust, so all you have to do is hire them. You can trust, and you can trust me.

After all, I’ve found my feminine side.

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