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A friend with benefits

You should consider a digital membership to Consumer Reports. Here’s why.

I’ve had a digital subscription to Consumer Reports for as long as there has been digital media. It has been invaluable to me for exclusive access to product ratings, product tests and the consumer advocate’s investigations.

CR just announced new and exclusive benefits for its digital subscribers. They are worth considering:

  • CAR RECALL TRACKER. Digital subscribers have access to CR’s vehicle recall tracker. Now, you should know you can track vehicle recalls for free at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall tracking site as well as at But CR’s tracker makes a nice complement to those if you’re looking for a corroborating recall source.
  • TV SCREEN OPTIMIZER. CR came up with a web tool that can help you set the best picture possible for your TV. You can search by your TV’s brand and serial number. CR’s TV Screen Optimizer provides the optimal picture settings for the most popular models dating back to 2014.
  • ‘BUILD & BUY’ CAR-BUYING SERVICE. It’s CR’s members-only database for finding the most competitive vehicle pricing, including discounts for digital members.
  • YOU TEST. Digital subscribers have the opportunity to share their own testing experiences with the products, appliances and electronics that matter most to CR’s subscribers.
  • SHARE YOUR STORY. CR sets aside a digital subscribers-only section for sharing your experiences, good or bad, with product performances, service warranties, predatory lending, etc.

Digital membership also gives you unlimited access to CR’s independent testing and reviews of more than 8,000 products and services. CR never accepts sponsors, nor does it sell or accept advertising, so you can trust that its testing is unbiased.

Digital membership is $55 a year. For more details, go to Consumer Reports’ membership page here.

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