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Avoiding fake tickets & fraudulent scalpers

Here’s how to make sure you’re buying the REAL tickets to the show.

Not much has changed in trying to stop fake ticket outlets and scalpers since I produced this 2009 story for WMC Action News 5.

Even with the “Hannah Montana” law referenced in that story, Tennessee and legitimate ticket vendors all over the Mid-South still struggle to hold scalpers and scalping software accountable. The Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs shared these guidelines to beat ticket scams:

* Whenever possible, use the official ticket sales agent for the venue. Many offer secondary sales options as well.

* If it’s a scalper or street-seller, ask the seller to walk with you to the venue entrance before buying. If the seller refuses, don’t buy the tickets.

* Ask the seller for photo ID, noting his or her name and date of birth. If the seller refuses, don’t buy the tickets.

* Make sure all necessary bar codes are on the tickets and serial numbers aren’t the same on each ticket.

* Be cautious when buying .pdf print-out tickets. These could have been printed multiple times. Only the first person to have that ticket scanned at the gate will get in.

* Always use a credit card to purchase your tickets. That way, you can dispute the charge if there is any funny business. Under federal law, you are never liable for more than $50 of any disputed credit card purchase. Most credit cards offer zero liability as a standard feature, so you’re not liable for ANY disputed credit charge.

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