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Become A Wise Charity

Think you have a charity worthy of review as a Wise Choice? Tell Andy about it.

photo of founder of Wise Choices, Andy Wise

If you know of a charity that should be a Wise Choice, you can tell Andy about that here…

A Wise Charity is just that: a charity that is Wise Choice for your donation dollar. We’re not talking about the local chapters of national charity giants, either. Our Wise Charities are – and will be – nonprofits and not-for-profits planted and germinated right here in Memphis, West Tennessee, North Mississippi and East Arkansas.

Similar to our Wise Choices, those charitable organizations who qualify as Wise Charities must meet these baselines:

UNASSAILABLE RECORD WITH CHARITY NAVIGATOR AND STATE CHARITY REGULATORS is the most reliable online resource for searching and rating charities. A Wise Charity does not have to be rated by since it only rates charities with more than $1 million in annual revenue. But a Wise Charity must maintain a researchable record on and must maintain an exemplary history with the state charity agency that regulates it.

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A Wise Charity must be INDEPENDENT — no affiliation with national or regional organizations. It must have originated in the Mid-South with a Mid-South owner, and it must maintain a Mid-South headquarters and a Mid-South mission.


Each Wise Charity applicant must disclose how much of its donation collections truly support its mission — not fundraising, marketing, campaigning or operations costs. I will verify that percentage with the appropriate state agency.


A Wise Charity’s donations must be tax-deductible.

Please submit your responses to these baselines below, as well as your name and contact information. We hope your cause or your nominated cause is a Wise Charity!

— Andy Wise, Consumer Investigator, Wise Choices™

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Suggest A Wise Charity