About Andy Wise & Wise Choices

Andy Wise is a consumer investigator. A 3-time Emmy Award nominee for investigative reporting...

His investigations shaped public policy, put criminals in jail and enlightened a generation of viewers to the dead giveaways of scams and to creative money-saving strategies.

With Wise Choices, Andy does the work for you: conducting the research, vetting the businesses and putting his seal of approval on the businesses you can trust to be YOUR Wise Choices.

Wise Choices of the Month

Andy has done the research. These are the businesses you can trust.

Hutton Insurance Solutions – Medical Insurance Brokerage

Hutton Insurance Solutions – Medical Insurance Brokerage

Offers MediHopTM, a proprietary supplemental policy that reduces and could even eliminate employees’ out-of-pocket costs with no limitations, exclusions or pre-existing condition exceptions

Xu Wellness Center in Cordova, TN

Xu Wellness Center in Cordova, TN

Preferred provider of wellness & acupuncture therapies for patients of the West Cancer Center, Germantown, Tennessee

Mercedes-Benz of Memphis

Mercedes-Benz of Memphis

Longest serving Memphis-area Mercedes-Benz dealership (since 1981), with the fewest consumer complaints

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