Putting the ‘out-of-pocket’ back IN your pocket

A #WiseChoice offers a solution to burdening health care costs with a creative approach to group health benefits.

Squirreled away inside their modest brick Main Street office in Tupelo, Mississippi, Steve and Emily Hutton are quietly hatching a health care revolution.

They run Hutton Insurance Solutions, your #WiseChoice medical insurance brokerage. Specializing in group employee health benefits for medium-to-large companies, the Huttons and their staff of 23 insurance pros offer a proprietary supplemental policy called MediHop. “MediHop enables us to provide our business clients major medical coverage for their employees with out-of-pocket costs as low as $500,” said Emily Hutton, vice president of Hutton Insurance Solutions. “In some cases, we can even eliminate all out-of-pocket costs with MediHop.”

MediHop sounds like a typical ‘gap’ supplemental plan to help companies cushion their employees’ high deductibles. It’s not a gap plan, said Steve Hutton, Hutton Insurance Solutions president. “All gap plans have limitations and exclusions. MediHop doesn’t,” Steve said. “MediHop mirrors the explanation of benefits of (the company’s) major medical carrier 100 percent — with no limitations, exclusions or pre-existing health condition exceptions. MediHop is a healthcare management system. We even provide custom pharmacy plans with it.”

“MediHop essentially partners with the standard major medical providers,” Emily said. Steve added MediHop boasts a 92 percent retention rate with its company clients, largely due to its success in reducing or eliminating their employees’ out-of-pocket payments.

The Huttons offer MediHop policies in 38 states. Company benefits coordinators and human resources managers interested in more information can reach the Huttons at 662-255-6929 or email shutton@huttonis.com and ehutton@huttonis.com.

To find Hutton Insurance Solutions’s #WiseChoices credentials for both group and individual policies, please click here.

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