It’s a FAMILY thing

Three-quarters of a century. Four generations. When you hire #WiseChoice All-State Pest And Lawn, you hire a legacy.

1943. FDR was President, two years away from his death. It’s also the year C.H. Alexander founded what would become All-State Pest And Lawn in Memphis, Tennessee. Back then, it was All-State Termite Company.

18 years later in 1961, with JFK in the White House, Mr. Alexander passed away. His son-in-law, Walter Hughey, Sr. took over the reigns. Hughey tapped his son, Walter Hughey, Jr. as his protege, and in 1975 — one year after President Gerald Ford replaced the disgraced Richard Nixon — Hughey, Jr. bought the business from his dad and renamed it All-State Pest Control.

There’s something about sons-in-law in the Alexander/Hughey family. Because in 2003, with President George W. Bush in office and in the first year of the Iraq War, Hughey, Jr. sold the business to his son-in-law Joe Walton and Joe’s wife Jennifer. The Waltons pledged to carry on All-State Pest Control’s tradition of honesty, Christian integrity and professionalism — providing quality, cost-effective pest control and superior service.

The Waltons diversified All-State Pest Control in 2007, adding lawn care. Shortly after, they added lawn maintenance, landscaping and irrigation. They updated the company name to All-State Pest And Lawn.

Today, eight years into its eighth decade, All-State Pest And Lawn maintains the same commitment to character and integrity Mr. Alexander established during the New Deal — now with six levels of property treatments and services. Find All-State Pest And Lawn’s contact information and #WiseChoices credentials on its page here at

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